My approach to designing with my clients is much the same as it was with my students. I help teach my clients to look at their space from a different perspective, incorporating all surrounding elements that contribute to a successful outcome. I emphasize that their home should reflect their personality in taste, style and color. I listen carefully to their needs in addition to their likes and dislikes. I always explain why I suggest doing or not doing things in certain ways, differentiating what makes for a good design from what doesn’t.

My professional philosophy is first that a home should have a theme. I often suggest a neutral color that weaves in and out of the entire house. One room should flow to the next. I like it when furniture can move from one room to another within this theme. For example, dining room chairs can be brought into the living room for additional seating when entertaining large groups.

Next, there should be an interesting mix of elements and a surprise or twist to the scheme. I like to work with clients’ fine art collections, family heirlooms or memorabilia. Some clients travel and collect objects which have sentimental value. These are the things that make their home unique and distinctively theirs.

Third, I like to mix classic elements with something fresh and new. I love the challenge and variety of contemporary or traditional jobs, or even a mixture of the two. Antiques add a wonderful dimension in addition to warmth and charm. Contemporary styles have a fresh and clean look as well as a practical side. A comfortable and inviting setting is always the ultimate goal.

I also like to bring the outdoors inside. Windows are like ever-changing paintings. The colors, textures and patterns of nature should be incorporated into the overall plan.

Finally, I feel certain rooms should emit a specific mood. For instance, you should be lulled to sleep in your bedroom. Bright or hot colors, too much contrast, or angular patterns set a stage for unrest. A softer or cooler palette is much more conducive to rest. I believe in engulfing yourself in that which you love in the bedroom. A dining room should hug you. After all, food nourishes the soul as well as the body. Soothing elements like a warm fire or a softly lit atmosphere relax and pamper you while you eat.

The joy and satisfaction I get from my work is what drives me. My passion for what I do comes across in all aspects of my jobs. My clients appreciate my attention to detail and my respect for their needs as well as their taste. I believe that through designing I fulfill my life-long desire to be creative and to help others. What a gift it is to be able to consider my work my ultimate passion and pleasure.

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